E-Voting de origem nacional Re: [ANSOL-geral] Fraude eleitoral no voto electrónico no Rio de Janeiro

Andre aife netvisao.pt
Terça-Feira, 16 de Julho de 2013 - 13:27:58 WEST

Se fosse software livre, corrigia-se já :)

As máquinas são da diebold & companhia... Já nos habituaram a coisas.
Continuando no assunto: não há uma empresa portuguesa com software e 
montagem de infraestruturas para voto electrónico que montou o sistema 
em Angola e foi acusada de "facilitar" os "poderes que são"?

Aparentemente vão ter o contrato para implementar o mesmo sistema em 


André Esteves

On 07/15/2013 05:38 PM, Jaime Villate wrote:
> On 15-07-2013 17:14, Andre wrote:
>> Fraude eleitoral no voto electrónico no Rio de Janeiro
>> http://www.folhapolitica.org/2013/07/hacker-de-19-anos-revela-como-fraudou.html?m=1 
>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elections_in_Brazil
>> O sistema brazileiro é baseado em máquinas correndo linux... 
> Mas não é software livre:
> "Political parties have access to the voting machine's programs before 
> the election for auditing. There still remain some questions about the 
> security of the electronic voting system, but no case of election 
> fraud has been uncovered:
> 1. Critics argue that the voting machines do not produce receipt for 
> the voter, nor maintain an internal paper based journal which would 
> allow for vote auditing. This makes them highly dependent on trusting 
> the software. The application program which verifies the internal 
> integrity of the system is itself vulnerable to modification. An 
> inspection by the City of Sto. Estevão, Bahia described the system of 
> seals and closure of the machine as simple, and allowed easy access to 
> the internal memory slot.
> 2. There is the possibility to violate the voting, because the voter 
> number is typed in one machine which is connected to the voting 
> machine, but it is not possible to know that it means that it is the 
> same name (person)clarify.
> 3. Election workers could vote in place absent voters without their 
> permission. However, as voting sections are composed of multiple 
> workers drawn at random from the population as a means of preventing 
> this type of fraud."
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elections_in_Brazil, 3 de junho de 2013

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