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Domingo, 2 de Outubro de 2011 - 12:06:22 WEST

Também vai haver, daqui a umas 2 semanas, o Open Government Data Camp:

A Ana Carvalho e eu vamos lá falar sobre design de portais de info 
parlamentar, juntando assim PT aos países participantes.

Para quem estiver interessado nos temas de open data + open government, 
o pessoal tem estado reunido na mailing list do Transparência Hackday 
Porto, que brevemente se tornará Transparência Hackday Portugal. 
Apareçam por lá, que o tema está a ganhar importância:



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> /Cross-posted from the Google Open Source blog
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> What do you call a group of talented hackers in the European Parliament
> for a 24-hour window, enjoying free food while improving data
> transparency? We call it Hack4Transparency <http://www.euhackathon.eu/>,
> and it’s not your everyday hackathon. Google is proud to be one of the
> sponsors of this upcoming event, a code sprint this November 8-9 that,
> literally, brings code to law. This is the first ever hacking event
> within the premises of European government, taking place in the heart of
> Brussels and giving dedicated hackers an opportunity to bring the power
> of good code to the place where it can matter most.
> <http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4YIDa8flGWY/TnEOaOU2hsI/AAAAAAAAAKk/gCncKj2VNNE/s1600/image00.gif>
> Over the course of 24 hours, hackers will work to make data more
> accessible and intelligible to consumers, to government, and to anyone
> who’s interested in the state of Internet access and information
> availability around the world.
> Hackers will work along two tracks. The Internet Quality track focuses
> on making broadband performance data meaningful to the average consumer
> by improving the user interfaces of existing broadband measurement
> tools. The Global Transparency track asks hackers to take data from
> existing sources including Google’s Transparency Report
> <http://www.google.com/transparencyreport>, the Open Net Initiative
> <http://opennet.net>, and Herdict <http://herdict.org>, and using these
> sources to create compelling visualizations showing what type of
> Internet content is available or unavailable to users.
> There will be free food, free WiFi, and the opportunity to win prizes
> while working with a lot of cool people dedicated to making big
> improvements.
> Applicants that are selected to attend will have their travel and
> accommodations covered, and winning hackers on each track will receive
> €3.000.
> If you're an EU-based hacker and you want fun, food, a free vacation,
> and the opportunity to make a big impact, we invite you to apply
> <http://www.euhackathon.eu/call4apps/>.
> The deadline for applications is Monday, October 10, noon CET.
> Posted by Marco Pancini, Senior Policy Counsel, Google Brussels
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