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What do you call a group of talented hackers in the European Parliament
for a 24-hour window, enjoying free food while improving data
transparency? We call it Hack4Transparency, and it’s not your everyday
hackathon. Google is proud to be one of the sponsors of this upcoming
event, a code sprint this November 8-9 that, literally, brings code to
law. This is the first ever hacking event within the premises of
European government, taking place in the heart of Brussels and giving
dedicated hackers an opportunity to bring the power of good code to the
place where it can matter most.

Over the course of 24 hours, hackers will work to make data more
accessible and intelligible to consumers, to government, and to anyone
who’s interested in the state of Internet access and information
availability around the world.

Hackers will work along two tracks. The Internet Quality track focuses
on making broadband performance data meaningful to the average consumer
by improving the user interfaces of existing broadband measurement
tools. The Global Transparency track asks hackers to take data from
existing sources including Google’s Transparency Report, the Open Net
Initiative, and Herdict, and using these sources to create compelling
visualizations showing what type of Internet content is available or
unavailable to users.

There will be free food, free WiFi, and the opportunity to win prizes
while working with a lot of cool people dedicated to making big

Applicants that are selected to attend will have their travel and
accommodations covered, and winning hackers on each track will receive

If you're an EU-based hacker and you want fun, food, a free vacation,
and the opportunity to make a big impact, we invite you to apply.

The deadline for applications is Monday, October 10, noon CET.

Posted by Marco Pancini, Senior Policy Counsel, Google Brussels
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