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Segunda-Feira, 21 de Fevereiro de 2005 - 09:45:09 WET


Agora já não interessa nada virar o PSD e o PP(?),  o jogo está nas mãos 
do PS.

No debate da APDSI, o Mariano Gago, disse-me que era contra as patentes 
de software, à que aproveitar esta abertura no partido que vai governar 
com maioria absoluta nos próximos 4 anos.


Rui Miguel Seabra wrote:

>Para os que dizem que só se opões às patentes de software os partidos de
>exterma esquerda, que me dizem ao voto *unânime* do Parlamento Alemão?
>São todos perigosos radicais extremistas de esquerda, certamente.
>Apelo a quem tenha contactos com o PSD e com o PP para que ajudem a
>fazê-los compreender o problema e a oporem-se às patentes de software,
>em vez de apresentarem argumentação completamente e absurdamente
>irracional como "ter porque os EUA, Reino Unido e Japão têm".
>PRESS RELEASE FFII -- [ Germany / Economy / Computing ]
>Unanimous Bundestag (German Parliament) vote against software
>Berlin, 17 February-- The German Bundestag unanimously passed a
>motion which strongly attacks the Council version of the European
>software patents directive. As such, the German Bundestag joins
>growing the club of national Parliaments which have spoken out
>against software patents. These actions make the Council's attempts
>to continue trying to push it through look more desperate and
>unworldly by the day.
>The Council of Ministers version was generally considered to be
>completely inappropriate: "I think that here in the German Bundestag
>we were able to quickly reach an agreement about the fact that the
>state of the discussion at the EU level leaves many central
>questions open", stated MP Dirk Manzewski (SPD). MP Rainer Funke
>(FDP) elaborated: "The necessary and meaningful unification of
>patenting practice should not be allowed to lead to an extension of
>substantive patent law."
>MP Dr. Günter Krings (CDU/CSU) emphasized that a directive "that is
>worth its name", needs a concrete definition of technicality and
>must exclude program claims. He was happy to be in time with the
>Bundestag resolution:
>"When we dealt with this issue in the Bundestag about four months
>ago, probably nobody expected that the EU Council of Ministers would
>not yet have passed the Political Agreement negotiated in May. It is
>rare for the passing of a resolution draft to be postponed this
>often. The directive draft has become a buck that EU Council
>presidencies pass to their successors. After the Dutch government
>found that nut too hard to crack, it is now up to the Luxemburgers."
>In addition to the Dutch Tweede Kamer, the Spanish Senado and the
>Bundestag votes, he also praised the European Parliament:
>"Our MEP colleagues have now also opted for a restart of the
>legislative process in the European Parliament and to search for a
>constructive solution. The German government should take this motion
>at heart, as it is notably also supported by the representatives of
>the EPP. Now it's time for the Minister of Justice base its
>negotiations in Brussels on the interest of software developers and
>their employees. We are waiting for deeds." 
>Manzewski ("if even I as SPD legal specialist had to swallow when
>reading some of the formulations ...") and Krings thanked the
>employees of all groups for their help during the negotiation
>process, namely Mr Nermin Fazlic and Mrs Petra Marmann (SPD), Mr
>Oliver Passek and Mrs Franziska Vilmar (Greens), Mr Ole Jani (FDP)
>and Mr Jörn Henkel (CDU). It is thanks to their cooperation, "that
>German speaks with one voice in Brussels" (MP Jerzy Montag, Greens).
>MP Jörg Tauss (SPD) said: "Incidentally, this refutes an old
>prejudice that computer scientists generally are apolitical or
>technocratic. They are not at all 'specialists without spirit' in
>the way Max Weber had predicted for the outcome of the societal
>rationalisation process. They are highly qualified, discerning and
>committed often young persons standing up for their convictions 
>and taking part in political processes."
>"The present motion especially intends to partially correct a
>deficit of the Brussels conciliations. The central concern for me is
>the obstinate ignorance that Brussels has shown to the real European
>and German economical interests in the software field. It is the
>SMEs that are the vectors of innovation in Germany's and Europe's IT
>field", he added.
>Holger Blasum (FFII) comments: "Past Tuesday, entrepreneurs and
>software developers were looking for signals from the Ministry of
>Justice when demonstrating at its Berlin Mohrenstraße site. The
>restart option submitted by the Conference of Presidents yesterday
>opens new doors. All groups in the Bundestag deserve praise for
>their clear position. In so far the government is concerned, I 
>follow Dr. Krings: 'We are waiting for deeds.' The possibilities to
>act are plentiful now." 
>* "Intergroup motion against software patents in the Bundestag",
> http://wiki.ffii.org/Bundestag050217De
>* "Conference of Group Presidents in the European Parliament
> demands restart of the software patent directive",
> http://wiki.ffii.org/Restart050217En 
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