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Acabaram de me enviar esta mensagem: alguém interessado em organizar
qualquer coisa em Portugal?

> http://sf-day.org/

Welcome to Software Freedom Day Online!

The first annual Software Freedom Day will be held on August 28, 2004. 
The Software Freedom Day initiative intends to make the world aware of 
the existence, availability, and high quality of Free/Open Source 
Software (FOSS), and to encourage its use by as many people as 
possible. It will be a global grassroots marketing campaign in which 
we are inviting volunteers from around the world to participate. We 
intend to give away informational fliers and CDs with selected FOSS, 
such as TheOpenCD or Knoppix, in public places on SFD. It will be up 
to the individual teams to chose how they wish to organize the PR 
effort locally, but we will assist with bulk production of posters, T-
shirts, CDs and whatever else will be required. We will be asking for 
Sponsors to donate money and material goods and services to our 
effort, and will be inviting FOSS advocacy groups around the world to 
become our partners in this event. We hope you will join us too! Click 
here (http://softwarefreedomday.org/staticpages/index.php?
page=HowToHelp) to read how you can get involved.


> http://softwarefreedomday.org/staticpages/index.php?page=HowToHelp

How to Help

We need help both at the local level with practical things and 
organizing the project centrally. We need people to donate their time 
and energy and sponsors to donate material help. More specifically we 

Local Teams 

Local teams will plan their own ways of celebrating SFD, including 
booking venues, contacting speakers, organizing tables in public 
places, etc. Be creative! 

Teams will usually be organizations such as LUGs or other FOSS groups, 
but they may also simply be composed of individuals in an area. 
The teams should make estimates about how many CDs and fliers they 
will be able to distribute, and send this information to SFD so we can 
plan the production. 

To become a team: check our forum to see whether there is already a 
team in your area that you can join. If there are enough volunteers 
around, you may form an additional team anyway. Please announce your 
intention to form a team in our forum, so that others can find you and 
join up. That's it! You may then use the facilities of this website 
such as the forum or your own mailing list to organize yourselves. 

Central SFD Members 

Central SFD volunteers help with the needs of the central SFD 
organization. This will include preparing materials such as logos, 
posters, CD covers, and pamphlets. Good ideas are always welcome! We 
will also need help with liaising with sponsors, speakers, the press 
and local teams. 

If you want to become an active member, either contact us and state 
your interests and skill, or simply start making useful contributions 
where appropriate online. 


Sponsors are individuals and organizations that donate money, material 
goods, and/or services to SFD. 

This includes help with covering the costs of production materials 
like CDs, posters, and T-shirts, or operational costs such as booking 
venues, renting or equipment, or reimbursing travel expenses for 
speakers, etc. 

To become a sponsor either contact a local team to sponsor them, or 
contact SFD if you're interested in becoming a global sponsor. 

As an organization, we are also interested in close links with other 
groups in the FOSS community. This generally includes partnerships 
with non-profit organizations, sponsorship deals, or even less formal 
links with FOSS companies.

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