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Quinta-Feira, 15 de Abril de 2004 - 01:02:10 WEST

Fundamental issues with open source software development by Michelle Levesque

"Despite the growing success of the Open Source movement, most of the general 
public continues to feel that Open Source software is inaccessible to them. 
This paper discusses five fundamental problems with the current Open Source 
software development trend, explores why these issues are holding the 
movement back, and offers solutions that might help overcome these problems. 
The lack of focus on user interface design causes users to prefer proprietary 
software’s more intuitive interface. Open Source software tends to lack the 
complete and accessible documentation that retains users. Developers focus on 
features in their software, rather than ensuring that they have a solid core. 
Open Source programmers also tend to program with themselves as an intended 
audience, rather than the general public. Lastly, there is a widely known 
stubbornness by Open Source programmers in refusing to learn from what 
lessons proprietary software has to offer. If Open Source software wishes to 
become widely used and embraced by the general public, all five of these 
issues will have to be overcome."


Eu sei que muito pessoal não gosta de receber notícias. Esta passa se a gestão 
da lista quiser (como muitas outras).

Achei interessante como leitura e não pretendo iniciar nenhuma discussão sobre 
o assunto porque ando mesmo sem tempo para nada.



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