[ANSOL-geral][alerta] Europeans Still Battling Software Patents

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Sun Oct 19 17:29:02 2003

Europeans Still Battling Software Patents

    rimberg writes "The [0]FFII in the UK is issuing an alert for [1]all
    supporters to write to their MPs -- this weekend . In September the
    European Parliament voted for [2]strong restrictions on software
    patents. But these could be [3]set aside at a meeting of the EU's
    [4]Competitiveness Council of Ministers on 10 November. The ministers'
    meeting is to be "prepared" at a meeting of senior [5]patent officials
    from across Europe even sooner: this Thursday 23 October. Unless they
    can be convinced otherwise before 10 November, it is believed that UK
    ministers will push for the Council to adopt a [6]November 2002 draft
    text, which is even worse than the infamous [7]McCarthy report. The
    European Parliament's rules for second reading make it [8]very
    difficult for MEPs to fix a bad text from the Council. The FFII says it
    desperately need a lot of letters to go out to MPs this weekend to tell
    the Government how bad the November 2002 draft is. [9]More information
    at FFII-UK."
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