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Thu Mar 13 14:07:01 2003

A College Without Microsoft?

    An anonymous reader asks: "My grandfather is the president of a
    well-known undergraduate-only college of about 7,000 students. He tells
    me that an alumnus has agreed to donate $2.4 million initially (and up
    to $800,000 each succeeding year for 10 years) to the school for
    computer equipment and staff if the school agrees not to renew any
    contract and to buy no products or services (either directly or through
    an intermediary like Gateway) from Microsoft. I'm told that this isn't
    the enormous amount of money that it sounds like and that a change-over
    to non-Microsoft products would be costly. I think it'd be great for
    college students to use computers apart from Microsoft, but I'm told
    that the board will look at the decision in terms of cost, not for
    benefit to the students. Does the Slashdot community have any points
    that I can give my grandfather to present to the Board next month?"