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Wed Mar 5 14:19:01 2003

Quake II Mods for Engineering Students

    [0]gleeklet writes "Has anyone else seen that there is a need for
    inexpensive 3D visualization software for presentations and classroom
    lectures? There is a [1] Chemical Engineering package available but
    compared to video game software, the graphics are a bit lacking. My
    [2]goal was to create a chemical plant with the process control
    algorithms coded into the Quake II source. As a short demo I spent
    several hours creating a unit cell demo [3] Quake II level to
    demonstrate the use of open source video game technology, which I found
    was well received by undergrads. Has anyone used video game technology
    as an education tool for science or engineering?" 
    0. http://mozart3.engr.utk.edu
    1. http://www.vrupl.evl.uic.edu/vrichel/index.html
    2. http://mozart3.engr.utk.edu/
    3. http://mozart3.engr.utk.edu/Newmap3.bsp