[ANSOL-geral][recortes] Copyright and Copy Rights

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Sun Nov 24 00:05:02 2002

Copyright and Copy Rights
in SlashDot

    neocon writes "Today's [0]National Review Online has an interesting
    piece from John Bloom of UPI on the origin of Copy Rights (what
    Copyrights really are) and the current attacks on them in Congress and
    0. http://www.nationalreview.com/comment/comment-bloom112202.asp

Enterprise-level software vendors can no longer ignore Linux

    - By Robin 'Roblimo' Miller - A quote from a LUG email list: "...my
    manager has (finally) given me the go ahead to research moving all of
    our current Unix operations to Linux." The alternative, says the person
    who sent this email, is Windows. The company in question* has a stack
    of (leased) AIX RS6000 servers. As a cost-cutting measure, they plan to
    drop the lease when it comes up for renewal. The engineering staff
    people who use the AIX servers ... 

Apt-don't-get: security.debian.org was fried - literally

    - by Tina Gasperson -This afternoon the fires are out, but yesterday at
    the University of Twente in The Netherlands (the home of
    security.debian.org, non-us.debian.org and other servers), was ablaze
    with a "massive fire." 

Book Review: Real World Linux Security, 2/e

    LogError writes "Well written, filled with lots of interesting tips and
    facts about securing the Linux environment, the book can be used both
    for pumping your knowledge and as a reference in your future security
    related work." 

QtScape needs programmers if it is to survive

    Anonymous Reader writes "One of the landmark projects in Linux desktop
    development is in danger of disappearing due to lack of interest. The
    project is QtMozilla, formerly known as QtScape."