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On Thursday 07 November 2002 15:34, Lopo de Almeida wrote:
> Open Source More Expensive In the Long Run?
> http://slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=02/11/06/2051218

aconcelho a leitura de:

October 7, 2002: Sure Linux is cheaper - but by how much? A new study looks at
real-life deployments and comes up with some hard numbers.

The cost of running Linux is roughly 40% that of Microsoft Windows, and only
14% that of Sun Microsystem's Solaris, according to a new study which
examined the actual costs of running various operating systems over three

The study, by the Robert Frances Group, in Westport, Conn., looked at
production deployments of Web servers running on the three operating systems
at 14 Global 2000 enterprises.

Linux cost $74,475 over three years, while a Windows deployment cost $190,662
and one on Solaris $561,520.

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Total cost of ownership series revisited

Choose your operating system on earned benefit, not how much it costs.
Apr 03, 2002

    Minimizing total cost of ownership isn't so much about technology as it is
about management. Picking the right technology helps -- but knowing what to
do with it is even more important. Is Unix cheaper than Windows? Detailed
analysis seems to show that it is, but does that make it the better business
decision? That was the real question addressed in this series, not "is Unix
cheaper?" but "is Unix smarter?" (5,400 words)
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A strategic comparison of Windows vs. Unix

The real question is not 'which is cheaper' but 'which is smarter?'

(LinuxWorld) -- We examine two different scenarios in an attempt to find when
it's smarter to choose Unix or Windows.

   1. In scenario 1, a college administrator chooses Unix or Windows for a
500- student system.

   2. In scenario 2, the board of a 5,000-user manufacturing company looks at
that same decision.

Under each scenario, we examine some of the direct and indirect consequences
of the decision. We consider, for example, the impact the college's decision
has on parental support costs for students as well as the more obvious costs
to the college. At the manufacturing company, we look at costs, productivity,
and visit the board's decision on the CIO's role.

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