[ANSOL-geral]SonicBlue ordered to track users, and the dangers of automatic updates

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Mon May 13 20:00:05 2002

By Jered, Section Articles
Posted on Fri May 3rd, 2002 at 08:49:48 PM GMT

"As seen elsewhere, SonicBlue has been ordered by a federal magistrate to
track all  ReplayTV users' viewing choices. This in itself is astounding.

More astonishing is that since the ReplayTV 4000 does not currently track
this information, the court has ordered them to write such software in the
next 60 days and force this update upon all users. At CodeCon 2002 Fred von
Lohmann of the EFF brought up this precise concern regarding automatic
software updaters.

This action shows that courts are willing and able to order software vendors
to force changes upon their users. The most popular OS in the world,
Windows, now automatically performs software updates. How long until some
judge orders password sniffers or escrowed keys to be forced upon all users
of some product?"

Fantástico, hem!?