[ANSOL-geral]The future of copyright laws creates two separate worlds

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Mon May 13 20:00:04 2002

Saturday April 27, 2002 - [ 11:26 AM GMT ]
Topic - Advocacy - By Marco Alvarado -

"Here's a tale from two worlds: I don't know what could happen in the
following situation, but let's see the way our imagination works. Imagine
it's the year 2025, 23 years after the passage of a new U.S. copyright law,
created to control the way we think and what we can or can't do.

Now, the United States has the nightmare of living with this law. Any
intellectual work needs to be made outside the United States, Europe and
Japan, because its creators simply can't work in these places without
dealing with the many restrictions enforced by large companies that control
most copyrighted material. Yes, Europe and Japan had to change their laws
because it was too difficult to trade with the United States without
enforcing this type of restriction. This is only a consequence of the

mais: http://newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=02/04/27/0227251