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As I see it we have two different things in play here:

1) The necessoty of having the discussions archives centralized in gnu.org; it's a Good Thing to have this, as Loic pointed out, because the discussions related to FSFE Portugal (because what we discuss at ANSOL has direct impact on our work toward the integration in FSFE)

2) The distinction between ANSOL and FSFE Portugal; as others here have pointed out ANSOL is by now a different show than FSFE Portugal and having a different archive and different list could help ppl make the distinction.

I for one will hapilly go both ways :).

Anyway, all things equal I personally wouldn't mind subscribing fsfe-portugal to ansol-geral... the traffic in fsfe-portugal has been non-existant lately.

BTW, I'm struggling with a problem: I've lost my /home partition and that's why I'm suing webmail and not being so participant. My gpg key is gone (the floppy that had the backup ended up with a debian boot floppy for Alpha) and I can't even make Debian uploads. Please bear with mw in the next few days.



Ruben Leote Mendes writes:
 > Hello Loc,
 > On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 10:35:31AM +0100, Loic Dachary wrote:
 > > 
 > > 	Could one of the administrators of the ansol-geral arroba listas.ansol..org
 > > subscribe the fsfe-portugal arroba gnu.org mailing list ? I only mean this for
 > > archival purposes, of course, since all discussions are now taking place on
 > > ansol-geral arroba listas.ansol.org. 
 > I don't think that is a good idea.
 > 1 - Almost everyone is subscribed to both mailing-list so we will receive
 >     all messages twice. We can solve this by unsubscribing everybody from
 >     fsfe-portugal.

	This is not needed you just need disable mail delivery. People will
still be subscribed but they won't receive mails.

 > 2 - The ansol-geral list is managed by mailman also and has online archives
 >     so anyone interested can download them.

	I know, it's only to have a backup in an intuitive place. Say, someone
wants to figure out what's going on in uk, portugal, france she can lookup
fsfe-{uk,portugal,france} instead of guessing where to look. I do this all
the time ;-)

 > 3 - The fsfe-portugal list can be used for FSFE related matters. This will
 >     be most useful if/when the Portuguese chapter is born.

	Sure. That does not conflict, IMHO.

 > I am disabling the delivery to fsfe-portugal arroba gnu.org for now until we decide
 > what is the best solution.

	Let's face it : fsfe-portugal will contain nothing and be useless for
months. I see as very good that the ansol list became the primary discussion
list. Instead of having an empty fsfe-portugal list let's just use it for
archive purposes if you don't mind.


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