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Quarta-Feira, 20 de Janeiro de 2016 - 07:12:39 WET

A Collabora procura gestores de projectos para Cambridge, UK.


da Wikipedia:

Collabora is a global private company founded by Robert McQueen, 
Philippe Kalaf and Robert Taylor based in Cambridge, United Kingdom, 
with offices in Cambridge and Montreal. Collabora's mission is to 
accelerate the adoption of open source technologies, methodologies and 
philosophy.[2] It does this by providing consultancy to companies who 
are deploying open source technologies in their products, by providing 
its own open source based products and through knowledge sharing 
activities such as training.[3]

Collabora's initial focus was instant messaging (IM), Voice over IP 
(VoIP) and videoconferencing technologies, but the company has since 
expanded its offering to include general multimedia, mobile web 
technologies, collaboration infrastructure, automotive infotainment 
platforms, graphics optimization, multimedia interoperability & 
productivity software. It is one of the main developers of 

Collabora's customers include many large IT corporations such as Nokia, 
Samsung, Intel, Texas Instruments, Google and the Crown Commercial 

Projects sponsored or founded by Collabora[edit]

LibreOffice: Collabora Productivity sells support and development 
services on the office suite. The former SUSE development team joined 
Collabora in September 2013.[9][10]

The company announced a collaboration with IceWarp to work on 
LibreOffice Online.[11][12][13]
On 15 December 2015, the company announced partnership with ownCloud and 
release of CODE, a distribution of LibreOffice Online and ownCloud 

Branded versions of LibreOffice include LibreOffice-From-Collabora, 
Collabora Office and Collabora GovOffice.

GStreamer, a multimedia framework.

D-Bus, a free and open-source inter-process communication (IPC) system.

PulseAudio, a sound system for POSIX OSes used as the default audio 
server on most GNU/Linux open source distributions.

Wayland & Weston: Collabora employs major Wayland contributors such as 
Daniel Stone and Pekka Paalanen[16][17]

Linux kernel Bluetooth Subsystem: Collabora employs Gustavo Padovan, the 
Linux kernel Bluetooth subsystem maintainer[18][19] who also contributes 
to BlueZ[20]

Farstream and Telepathy, a VoIP and collaboration framework created by 
Collabora founders. Includes the Empathy chat client.

Pitivi and GES, a video editor for the free software desktop. Between 
2008 and 2009, Collabora's Multimedia division worked on improving 
Pitivi.[21] The GES library was initially created by Collabora in 2011 
to provide video editing capabilities to the MeeGo platform.[22]
Maynard, a Weston shell

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