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                                        Amsterdam, Jan 16th 2012
Dear sir/madam,

on behalf of OpenDoc Society we kindly invite your contributions for
the Eight ODF plugfest will take place in Brussels (Belgium) on April
19-20, 2012. The venue is kindly provided by Microsoft Corporation.
Previous plugfests were held in Den Haag (NL), Orvieto (Italy),
Granada (Spain), Brussels, Windsor and Maidenhead (UK), Berlin (DE)
and Gouda (NL).

The programme of the plugfest will again consist of of a technical part
where the actual plugtesting is done (under Chatham house rule) and a
part which is open to the general public. The public facing event will
take place on the afternoon of April 20th 2012.

The deadline for submitting talks for the 8th ODF plugfest is March 1st
2012. Short abstracts of 50 - 100 words are invited on all subjects
relevant to OpenDocument Format. You will have an estimated 12-15
minutes available for your presentation and follow up questions. The
programme already contains a section on product updates where all
vendors attending can announce relevant product improvements and other
new developments, there is no need to submit a talk proposal for that.

Your contributions will be evaluated by an independent programme
committee, consisting of:

- - Alan Bell (OFE)
- - Basil Cousins (OFE)
- - Patrick Durusau (Individual)
- - Roberto Galoppini (Individual)
- - Sophie Gautier (The Document Foundation)
- - Bart Hanssens (Fedict)
- - Michiel Leenaars (NLnet foundation)
- - John Haug (Microsoft)
- - Jos van den Oever (WebODF, KO GmbH)
- - Louis-Suarez Potts
- - Rob Weir (IBM)

Please send your contributions before March 1st 2012 12:00 UCT to:
plugtest-organisers@**opendocsociety.org<plugtest-organisers  opendocsociety.org>.
If you have any questions,
please contact one of the members of the programme committee.

Kind regards,

on behalf of OpenDoc Society
Arthur Buijs
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