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Dear friends,


*Authoritarian regimes are pushing for governmental control over the
internet in a binding global treaty.* If they succeed, the internet could
become less open, more costly and much slower. We've stopped threats like
this before, and we can again -- but only with a massive global outcry. *Sign
the petition and share* with everyone you know:

[image: Click here to sign the petition
Right now at a UN meeting in Dubai, *authoritarian regimes are pushing for
full governmental control of the Internet in a binding global treaty* -- if
they succeed, the internet could become less open, more costly and much
slower. We have only 2 days to stop them.

The Internet has been an amazing example of people power -- *allowing us to
connect, speak out and pressure leaders like never before.* That's largely
because it's been governed to date by users and non-profits and not
governments. But now countries like Russia, China and United Arab Emirates
are trying to rewrite a major telecom treaty called the ITR to bring the
Internet under its control -- the web would then be shaped by government
interests and not by us, the users. *Tim Berners Lee, one of the "fathers
of the Internet," has warned that this could increase censorship online and
invade our privacy.* But if we object with a massive people-powered
petition, we can strengthen the hand of countries fighting this power grab.

We have stopped attacks like this before and can do it again before the
treaty text is locked this week. A wave of opposition to a new ITR is
already building -- *sign the petition to tell governments hands off our
Internet!* and then forward this email to everyone you know -- when we hit
1 million signers, it'll be delivered straight to the delegates at this
cozy meeting:


The meeting to update the ITR (International Telecommunication Regulations)
is being convened by a UN body called the International Telecommunications
Union (ITU). Normally, it wouldn't merit much attention, but *Russia,
China, Saudi Arabia and others are trying to use the meeting to increase
government control* of the Internet through proposals that would allow for
access to be cut off more easily, threaten privacy, legitimize monitoring
and traffic-blocking, and introduce new fees to access content online.

At the moment, our Internet has no central regulatory body, but various
non-profit organisations work together to manage different technological,
commercial and political interests to allow the Internet to run. The
current model is certainly not without its flaws. *US dominance and
corporate influence highlight the need for reform,* but changes should not
be dictated from an opaque governments-only treaty body. They should emerge
from an open and transparent, people-powered process -- putting the
interests of us users in the center.

The ITU does extremely important work -- expanding affordable access for
poor countries and securing networks -- but it's not the right place to
make changes to how the Internet operates. Let's ensure that our Internet
stays free and governed by the public and *show the ITU and the world that
we won’t stay silent in the face of this Internet attack. Click below to
sign* and then share this email widely:


Avaaz members have come together before to save the free web -- and won.
More than 3 million of us demanded the US kill a bill that would have given
the government the right to shut down any website, helping push the White
House to drop its support. In the EU, the European Parliament responded
after 2.8 million of us called on them to drop ACTA, another threat to the
free net. Together, now we can do it again.

With hope,

Pascal, Ian, Paul, Luca, Caroline, Ricken, Kya and the rest of the Avaaz


Cerf and Berners Lee Criticize ITU Conference (IT Pro Portal):

ITU and Google face off at Dubai conference over future of the internet

Keep the Internet Open (New York Times):

Proposal for global regulation of web (Financial Times):

Who controls the Internet? (Guardian):

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receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team
ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way.

Avaaz.org is a 17-million-person global campaign network* that works to
ensure that the views and values of the world's people shape global
decision-making. ("Avaaz" means "voice" or "song" in many languages.) Avaaz
members live in every nation of the world; our team is spread across 19
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