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Diogo Santos Diogomcs mail.pt
Quarta-Feira, 7 de Outubro de 2009 - 11:48:55 WEST

> -- 
> Alberto Simões
> Hi all,
> after several emails, discussions and feedback with worldwide Perl
> translators (thank you to all), I'm very happy to announce
> pod2.perl.org site and pod2  perl.org mailing list.
> pod2.perl.org is intended to be the umbrella for several goals:
>    * build a community of translators, by writing the guidelines, by
> sharing experience, resource and tools, and so on.
>    * (of course) do the translations of pods (core and extra) and
> publish them using POD2:: namespace.
>    * discuss about a translation platform for pods (by creating a new
> one or better deciding to use an existing one, without to reinvent the
> wheel).
>    * perldoc/Pod::Perldoc improvements.
>    * publish readable version of translated pods using perldoc.perl.org code.

>    * promote, more in general, localized Perl documentation.
> If you are interested and/or you are involved in some Perl
> documentation translation project, please subscribe to the maling list
> (by sending a mail to pod2-subscribe  perl.org). The list archives are
> available at http://www.nntp.perl.org/.
> Currently pod2.perl.org contains a temporary home page. The main site
> is under http://pod2.perl.org/wiki (MojoMojo powered) and it contains
> a brief summary of translation projects.
> Have fun with pod2.perl.org! ;-)
> Best
>    - Enrico

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