[ANSOL-geral] Google's Summer of Code Contest deadline is June 14, 2005

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Segunda-Feira, 6 de Junho de 2005 - 17:51:11 WEST

Google's Summer of Code 

This initiative is expressly designed to get the brightest minds on campus 
contributing code to open source initiatives and inventing new open source 
programs. After all, while altruistic motives are praiseworthy and the 
rewards of peer recognition sweet, the idea of a financial prize for stellar 
work predates the Nobel Commission – and who really needs money more than 
broke college students?

So here's the skinny: Google will give $4,500 to applicants who successfully 
work with a sponsoring organization or advisor to create innovative or useful 
open source software. Google will also get you a t-shirt to go along with the 

Refer to their flyer or visit code.google.com/summerofcode.html to learn more 
and submit your idea for a project. The deadline for applications is June 14, 

Mambo is also participating as a mentoring organisation in Google's "Summer of 
Code" program.


The above message come from the Mambo website. I think that we may have in 
Portugal and other countries students that don't know about this and the time 
is running fast.

Of course, if some students would like to work on a project related to 
e-health it would be just great.

Hope it help.


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