[ANSOL-geral] Eleições com software proprietário ?!?

Paulo Miguel de Almeida Marque nightwish zmail.pt
Segunda-Feira, 7 de Junho de 2004 - 20:45:26 WEST

Esta post passou hoje nos pt.comp.so.linux ... 
Since you might be the only person from Portugal I know... why 
not ask the question? 
I found that there will be test of electronic voting in your 
I am looking for any kind of possible opposition to this. 
I already have good contact with opposition in Ireland, UK, 
Belgium (me) and less organised in Nederlands and France. 
Could Linux user group ask for the source code (this is of 
course not sufficiant, but it could activate a few geek against 
the system... then I can educate them and show them why a 
system that can not be verified by the citizen is not 
Here is what I found: 
Indra, Spain's Consulting and Information Technologies company, 
carry out voting projects in Portugal and France with its 
touch-screen system on the coming elections to the European 
to be held on June 13th. The Spanish company will perform a 
total of six  
pilot projects without legal validity and, in the case of 
France, will  
also carry out a voting with whole legal validity in the town 
In Portugal, the Spanish company will perform pilot experiences 
in the  
polling stations of Sé (Portalegre), Mangualde (Viseu) and 
Santa Maria  
de Belém (Lisboa), three districts chosen in representation of 
rural, semi-rural and urban areas to analyse how citizens 
perceive this  
kind of technologies applied to the vote. 
PS: Feel free to just spread the news with a few question mark, 
you have  
more important things to do like that meeting the 8th June. 

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