[ANSOL-geral][Recortes] VoIP + 802.11 (wireless)

Lopo de Almeida lopo.almeida arroba sitaar.com
Wed Oct 15 20:21:01 2003

VoIP + 802.11 = Bad News For Phone Companies

    [0]r.future writes "[1] Netstumbler, a site that has downloads for
    software used by [2] wardrivers, points to an article on [3]Red Herring
    that talks about combining voice over IP and 802.11 wireless
    technology. The article states "Individually, VoIP and 802.11 are hot
    technologies with promising futures. Now they are gaining attention for
    their potential as a combined force. Convergence, or the melding of
    voice calls over an IP network together with wireless 802.11
    technologies, is becoming increasingly popular. VoIP reduces the need
    for local carrier origination and termination." both Netstumbler, and
    the Red Harring article point to the [4] University of Arkansas as a
    example of an institution that has combined the two technologies and
    was able to "circumvented its local carrier and reduced monthly service
    fees from $530,000 to a mere $6,000 by using voice over IP technology
    0. http://the-cubicle.blog-city.com/
    1. http://netstumbler.com/index.php
    2. http://www.wardriving.com/
    4. http://www.uark.edu/