[ANSOL-geral]'Winston Smith' Speaks Out On MS Reader Convertor

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Tue Oct 14 21:56:01 2003

 'Winston Smith' Speaks Out On MS Reader Convertor

    [0]David H. Rothman writes "'Winston Smith,' an unemployed American
    high school dropout self-named after 1984's hero, [1]told my
    [2]TeleRead.org site why he and buddies turned out Convert Lit to crack
    the [3]Microsoft Reader e-book format. Winston makes clear he is
    pro-fair use and anti-piracy. Alas, new [4]DMCAish legal restrictions
    in the United Kingdom will [5]force the [6]Dan Jackson Software site to
    shut off the Convert Lit downloading later this month. Just as in the
    States, free speech and fair use apparently matter less in the UK these
    days than they used to. According to Dan Jackson, Winston [7]'is indeed
    the real author of Convert LIT.' Meanwhile, if you're in a country
    without DMCAish thuggery and can host Dan at a new location, [8]email
    him ASAP."
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