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Porque =E9 que n=E3o nos deixam em paz? Envio um resumo mais tarde, mas
agora tenho algumas horas para convencer eurodeputados.
Jo=E3o Miguel Neves <joao arroba silvaneves.org>

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CODE have a resources page at

The rapporteur for JURI is Fourtou.  CODE don't like her report, but one
good thing in it is that she is proposing to exclude patents from the range
of IP that the measures would apply to

She says she has been working closely with the interest groups and the
Commission, because she hopes they will be able to adopt her report as law
straight after the first reading, ie without any more alterations. (This ma=
be a ploy to beat down resistance).

Her earlier interim report is also online, at:

Luis Berenguer Fuster's draft opinion for ITRE can be found at

and the amendments submitted by ITRE at

I couldn't find anything on the web to say which exactly which amendments
made it into the final ITRE report and which didn't.  If anyone needs to
know, they had better contact Laurence.

Berenguer Fuster's report doesn't explicitly propose to exclude patents, bu=
proposes to limit the application of the provisions to "counterfeiting" onl=
(Am.3 to Article 2 para 1), with a new amendment (Am. 4) to define
counterfeiting:  "For the purposes of this directive counterfeiting shall b=
deemed to exist when an intellectual property right is deliberately and
fraudulently infringed".

The amendments that Laurence was talking about from the generics industry
appear to be all the ones submitted by Danielle Auroi, mostly adding the
words "In cases of deliberate counterfeiting or piracy" to the measures and
procedures clauses.  From what Laurence says, it seems that these didn't
make it into the final ITRE report; but possibly because the committee felt
this limitation was already written in by the draftsman's amendments.

Reminder: according to Laurence, any further amendments for JURI need to be
submitted by Wednesday.

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