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Subject: EMI Music France convicted
Date: 26 Jun 2003 21:08:25 +0200


	Here is a decision of a French court, dated june 24 2003. EMI
Music is convicted because it did not mention that "copy restricted"
disks could not be read on all CD devices (namely automobile, PC and
MAC CDs). The plaintif is CLCV a French consumer lobby. Another court
case is in progress (much more ambitious) by UFC Que Choisir, the
major consumer lobby in France.

	The penalty is ~10 000 euros and the obligation to=20
prominently mention, on the disk, that it cannot be read on all
CD readers. They have 1 month to comply and will have to pay
1 000 euros / day when the delay expires.

	The document is public and can be reproduced.



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