[ANSOL-geral]Re: Free software and world heritage

Benoît Sibaud benoit.sibaud arroba wanadoo.fr
Mon Jun 2 21:51:01 2003

>  Of course that ANSOL supports the "Free software and world heritage"
> project.
>  We'd love to be included in the "Supports" page.
> Here's an html piece you can use to reference us:
> <li>
> <a href="http://www.ansol.org">ANSOL</a> (Portuguese Free Software
> association)</li>

Thank you very much. ANSOL has been added on
http://www.fsfeurope.org/projects/mankind/support since yesterday.
(in fact just in the Savannah CVS since the FSF Europe website update was
broken; should be fixed now and online in few hours).

Last news: the project has been mentionned today on one of the main French
radio (large audience), Real audio stream (I've got an Ogg version) and
full text on line at 


Benoît Sibaud