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OK, no processo de patentes parece que a Arlene McCarthy tirou mais um
coelho da cartola (vejam o e-mail em anexo e o link abaixo):


Sugest=F5es de como responder a uma mentira destas ?
Jo=E3o Miguel Neves <joao arroba silvaneves.org>

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Upon reading the JURI draft report


there is a new statement

  In drawing up her report, the rapporteur has taken over ideas put forward=
  the committees consulted in such as way as to ensure that the resulting t=
  is compatible with the Community's obligations under international law. T=
  rapporteur has also carefully weighed the arguments put forward by indust=
  and the open source community, some members of which have expressly state=
  their support for this plan to provide clarity and a clear explanation of=
  patents will be granted in this field.

which apparently refers to Graham Taylor's OpenForumEurope, who indeed
supports McCarthy's various patentability extensions and pretends not to
understand what he is supporting.

Nevertheless it is quite untruthful to enlarge this to "some members of
the open source community", and it is of course equally misleading to
construct a dichotomy between "industry" and "open source community".
McCarthy knows all this very well.



for more on the OpenForumEurope maneuver.

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