[ANSOL-geral]Fw: Audicao sobre Patentes de Software 2003/07/15 no Porto

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Sat Jul 12 18:28:01 2003

Acho que poderia interessar a outros que porventura não o tenham recebido. É
um formulário para preencher e renviar para porto030715 arroba ffii.org



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Enviada em: sábado, 12 de Julho de 2003 13:23
Assunto: Audicao sobre Patentes de Software 2003/07/15 no Porto

Dear Portuguese Signatory of the Eurolinux Petition![1]

We need your help again.

Next tuesday in Porto there will be a hearing on Software Patents.

Sorry to write in English only on such short notice.  Please answer
in Portuguese.

You find all the information and possible updates at


  [ ] I have read the PR about the hearing

  [ ] I will come to the hearing on tuesday

  [ ] I have browsed the pages


      and am aware of the positions of the committees in the
      European Parliament (CULT, ITRE and JURI).

  [ ] I will represent the following company/organisation:

  [ ] I would like to speak at the hearing on tuesday.

  [ ] I will try to bring friends and peers to the hearing.

  [ ] I would like to publish position statement (not necessarily at
      the hearing).

  [ ] I am willing to help the effort of systemtically informing media
      and politicians this summer.

Thank you very much for your response and support.

Yours sincerely

Hartmut Pilch, FFII & Eurolinux Alliance              tel. +49-89-18979927
Protecting Innovation against Patent Inflation      http://swpat.ffii.org/
155,000 votes 2000 firms against software patents    http://noepatents.org/