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Fri Jul 11 13:11:02 2003

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Recebi este e-mail da Eurolinux. Quem quiser participar de alguma forma
no que ser=E1 feito em rela=E7=E3o =E0s patentes de software at=E9 a vota=
=E7=E3o a 1
de Setembro, por favor preencha o question=E1rio no fim e envie para
europarl-pt arroba ffii.org

Jo=E3o Miguel Neves <joao arroba silvaneves.org>

From: phm arroba ffii.org
To: joao arroba silvaneves.org
Subject: Porto 2003/07/15 Software Patents Hearing
Date: 10 Jul 2003 23:30:28 +0000


Dear Portuguese Supporters of FFII/Eurolinux[1],

Next tuesday in Porto there will be a hearing on Software Patents.

Sorry to write to you in English on such short notice.

The hearing is conducted by Ilda Figureido, portuguese MEP of the
Left, whom we met last week in Strasburg, together with a municipal
council of the town of Porto.

The hearing is not as well prepared as it should be, but since nothing
like it seems to have been conducted in Portugal so far, it may well
attract attention of the media, if we succede in presenting it
appropriately and drawing enough people there.



you can find a simple draft for a press release about the hearing.

Missing items will hopefully be supplied by Ms Figureido tomorrow.  We
meanwhile need your help in preparing other pieces, such as
statements to be used in our press release.

There are three key messages to bring acrosss, possibly by different

  1. Software patents are harmful for my business.=20
  2. The directive proposal makes patents on algorithms and
     business methods such as Amazon One Click Shopping
     unavoidable.  The smallprint differs from the packaging.
  3. Portugal is particularly disadvantaged, and McCarthy is
     proposing to penalise "low-cost economies" such as Portugal.

You will find more argumentation help by reading


For the time being, please respond to europarl-pt arroba ffii.org (where I am
reading your reply together with Rui Miguel Seabra and Jo=E3o Miguel
Neves are reading)

  [ ] I will (probably) come to the hearing on tuesday

  [ ] I am interested in working out a statement for publication in
      the press release

  [ ] I am willing to help lobbying the media this summer

  [ ] I am willing to help lobbying members of the European Parliament
      in the last week of August.

  [ ] I am willing to provide portuguese translations for

Thank you very much for any response.

Yours sincerely

Hartmut Pilch, FFII & Eurolinux Alliance              tel. +49-89-18979927
Protecting Innovation against Patent Inflation	     http://swpat.ffii.org/
155,000 votes 2000 firms against software patents    http://noepatents.org/


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Jo=E3o Miguel Neves <joao arroba silvaneves.org>

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