[ANSOL-geral][recortes] European Copyrights Expire; RIAA Nervous

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Fri Jan 3 16:52:02 2003

European Copyrights Expire; RIAA Nervous
in SlashDot

    colmore writes "This article in today's New York Times (free reg.
    req.) discusses the [1]expiration of European copyrights for recordings
    made in the 1950s. Now "bootleg" labels can legitimately print a lot of
    still-popular early rock, country, jazz, and classical albums. The good
    folks at the RIAA are trying to establish stricter customs controls. So
    does this mean cheap Elvis or a diluted pool of products?" 
    1. http://www.nytimes.com/2003/01/02/international/02CND_COPY.html