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um artigo muito interessante, que eu penso que interessa a todos os 
participantes desta mailing list.
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"Creation Myths
Does innovation require intellectual property rights?
By Douglas Clement

The music industry has tried to squelch the threat, most conspicuously by 
suing Napster, the wildly popular Internet service that matched patrons with 
the songs they wanted, allowing them to download digital music files without 
charge. Napster lost the lawsuit and was liquidated, while similar services 

But the struggle over Napster-like services has accented a much broader issue: 
How does an economy best promote innovation? Do patents and copyrights 
nurture or stifle it? Have we gone too far in protecting intellectual 

In a paper that has gained wide attention (and caught serious flak) for 
challenging the conventional wisdom, economists Michele Boldrin and David K. 
Levine answer the final question with a resounding yes. Copyrights, patents, 
and similar government-granted rights serve only to reinforce monopoly 
control, with its attendant damages of inefficiently high prices, low 
quantities, and stifled future innovation, they write in "Perfectly 
Competitive Innovation," a report published by the Federal Reserve Bank of 
Minneapolis. More to the point, they argue, economic theory shows that 
perfectly competitive markets are entirely capable of rewarding (and thereby 
stimulating) innovation, making copyrights and patents superfluous and 

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