[ANSOL-geral]MS Office 11 vai incluir Digital Restrictions Management

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Mon Feb 24 14:47:01 2003

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Um documento em ingl=C3=AAs, mas bastante acess=C3=ADvel, tenta explicar o =
que =C3=A9 e
o que n=C3=A3o =C3=A9 Digital Restrictions Management, quais os seus malef=

J=C3=A1 falei disto com algumas pessoas, que me chamaram de paran=C3=B3ico.
Bem, o receio da implementa=C3=A7=C3=A3o de DRM no email e em documentos fo=
i j=C3=A1
previsto em 2001, e trata-se apenas de um dos seus potencialmente piores
malef=C3=ADcios... CONFIRMADOS.


Digital culture : The Fallacy of DRM
Whether you're a technical computer user or not, over coming months you
are going to hear an increasing amount about Digital "Rights" (a
euphemism for 'Restrictions') Management, otherwise known as DRM, or
sometimes IRM ('I' for 'Information'). Sometimes it will be explicitly
mentioned, sometimes it will be implicit in features of software that
claim to be able to restrict how someone else uses some data you give
them. For example, Microsoft Corporation have recently announced that
DRM will be a part of Office 11

But why should you care? In this document, I'll try to summarise and
briefly explain what DRM is, what some of the key problems with it are,
and why you should refuse to accept it.

T=C3=B3picos cobertos:
 * What is DRM/IRM?
 * 'Trusted Computing'?
 * Interoperability down the drain - incompatibility to rule
 * Letting companies make laws
 * Dangerous consequences
 * The hardware factor
 * The fallacy of DRM: technical solutions to social problems
 * What can be done?
 * Related links


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