[ANSOL-geral][noticias] Reason on IP Protection and Creativity :-)

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Sun Feb 23 17:59:01 2003

Reason on IP Protection and Creativity

    rnturn writes "A long but interesting [0]article over at
    [1]Reasononline discusses a paper written by a pair of economists and
    published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis (!) and the
    reactions to it of several other economists. A snippet from the
    article: 'Moreover, U.S. court decisions in the 1980s that strengthened
    patent protection for software led to less innovation. "Far from
    unleashing a flurry of new innovative activity," Maskin and Bessen
    write, "these stronger property rights ushered in a period of stagnant,
    if not declining, R&D among those industries and firms that patented
    most."' Not exactly news to most readers but it appears that their
    paper is making waves in economic circles."
    0. http://www.reason.com/0303/fe.dc.creation.shtml
    1. http://www.reason.com/

>From DRM to Rights Management Services

    [0]miladus writes "[1]Microsoft has formed an academic [2]Think Tank on
    Trustworthy Computing. The Academic Board is to advise Microsoft on
    'security, privacy and reliability enhancements in[...] products and
    technologies so that Microsoft can obtain critical feedback on product
    and policy issues related to its Trustworthy Computing.' An
    [3]interview with two members of the board is an interesting read,
    especially concerning the global implications of privacy. Of note, is
    the absence of DRM discussion. But DRM shows up as 'Rights Management
    Services' in the promised [4]Widows Rights Management Services to be
    released later this year. it will deliver a 'platform-based approach to
    persistent policy rights for Web content and sensitive corporate
    documents of all types'"
    0. http://www.miladus.org/mt
    1. http://www.microsoft.com/
    2. http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2003/Feb03/02-20TWCAABPR.asp