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Quinta-Feira, 18 de Dezembro de 2003 - 15:05:16 WET

Open Source Enables the Disabled

    Open source software is the solution to making information technology
    accessible to people with disabilities. That's the word from the Global
    Forum for People with Disabilities. The group held a series of
    presentations, debates and workshops at the World Summit on the
    Information Society (WSIS) today about their role in the information


Open Source CD Lending For Public Libraries?

    phatlipmojo writes "Bob Kerr has taken what might well be an important
    step in getting open source software to the masses: donating CDs to
    public libraries for lending. It's a simple idea, but fraught with
    complications; indeed, at first, he couldn't give the CDs away to the
    wary libraries. Mr. Kerr dealt with the complications admirably, and
    has had a great deal of success getting open source CDs into lending
    libraries around his [0]home country, as Mr. Kerr's [1] howto PDF and
    this [2]NewsForge article detail. What kinds of suggestions would
    Slashdotters make in addition to Mr. Kerr's to help make open source
    software on public library shelves a widespread reality?"
    0. http://www.nls.uk/
    2. http://www.newsforge.com/software/03/12/14/1545216.shtml


Viral GPL Misconceptions Elegantly Explained

    [0]Scot W. Stevenson writes "Our favorite paralegal Pamela Jones of
    [1]Groklaw has put together a short FUD-killer on the [2]General Public
    License that explains [3]why you can't lose your proprietary code if
    you inadvertently incorporate GPL code. This is not the only text of
    its kind, but it is so well explained that you might want to bookmark
    the page for future reference."
    0. mailto:scot  possum.in-berlin.de
    1. http://www.groklaw.net/
    2. http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html
    3. http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20031214210634851

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