[ANSOL-geral]References for TeX...

Lopo de Almeida lopo.almeida arroba sitaar.com
Sun Sep 22 14:22:01 2002

References for TeX and Friends 0.1.1 

    References for TeX and Friends is an ongoing project which provides a
    help file for LaTeX (and its friends like ConTeXt, Metapost, Metafont,
    etc.) using a state-of-the-art source format, DocBook/XML. Various
    output formats can be generated from the source file. Anyone can write
    a converter for any desired output format. Because the source file is
    XML, the easiest way to do this might be to use XSLT. 

Software Freedom for Macedonia?

    "When I first heard that I would be visiting to speak in Macedonia, my
    initial thoughts were of a small isolated Eastern European nation. I
    had spoken in many other countries recently, usually about GNU Bayonne.
    The people who organized this event, however, wanted to use it to help
    launch a national free software movement in Macedonia, and so I thought
    for a long time, so I agreed and decided I would go and speak there
    primarily about software ...