[ANSOL-geral]Algumas notícias: DMCA, Patentes, etc...

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Fri Sep 6 13:37:02 2002

Adobe Gets Hit By DMCA

    Reeses writes "[0]Adobe has [1]asked a U.S. District court to allow
    them to embed ITC and Monotpye fonts in their documents, claiming
    "Adobe has asked the court to declare that Adobe's popular Acrobat
    product does not violate certain provisions of the Digital Millennium
    Copyright Act (DMCA) as claimed by ITC and Agfa Monotype." Which is
    interesting after the [2]Skylarov/Elcomsoft debacle from a year or so
    ago. I guess they figured that it didn't apply to them since they
    enforced it."
    0. http://www.adobe.com/

Making the Case Against Software Patents?

    heretic108 asks: "I'm an open-source developer in a small western
    nation, which is slowly starting to take interest in Open Source, but
    whose (still MS-dominated) government is currently considering adopting
    a software patents regime similar to USA. This nation boasts a smart
    and feisty IT community, who have been terribly under-represented in
    government. I have a meeting in a week with a prominent member of the
    legislature (who has IT portfolio interests), during which I will have
    the opportunity to put the case against software patents. I'm asking
    for help in assembling information for use in the anti-patents case.
    Thank you dearly for any and all help you are able to provide here."

LawMeme Dissects Cornell's DMCA Policy

    Ernest_Miller writes "LawMeme takes issue with Cornell's new DMCA
    Policy Memo, finding basic legal errors and questionable protections
    for academic freedom."

The state of enterprise Linux

    "Through 2007, the Linux market will surpass $9 billion in revenue,
    approaching 18 percent of total shipped revenues on an initial
    acquisition basis ... Linux sales will tend toward high-volume,
    low-priced commodity platform shipments, as opposed to heavily
    configured (that is, with large memory, CPUs and attached storage)
    systems of symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) systems."

Is Linux poised to topple Microsoft?

    "Its supporters say Linux is a much more robust, stable and secure
    operating system than anything else out there. In fact, universities
    and other large institutions have been using Linux in their big server
    computers for crunching large amounts of technical data, and the
    software powers many Web sites. 2002 could be shaping up as the Year of
    the Penguin, Linux's official mascot."

UnitedLinux plans face upheaval

    "Doubts were raised last week over the viability of UnitedLinux, the
    joint Linux development effort established by Caldera, Conectiva, Suse
    and Turbolinux, following upheaval at two of the founding firms." The
    story quotes one analyst expressing doubts about UnitedLinux following
    Caldera's name change to SCO and Turbolinux's financial difficulties.
    So maybe that's one "doubt" that was raised, instead of several