[ANSOL-geral][Recortes] RMS Urges Opposition to "Trusted Computing"

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Fri Oct 25 22:45:01 2002

RMS Urges Opposition to "Trusted Computing"

    [0]Andy Tai writes "In [1]this Newsforge article, Richard Stallman
    analyzes the "[2]Trusted Computing" initiative and [3]Microsoft's
    Palladium, points out that such initiatives are really means to ensure
    your computer can be trusted by Microsoft and Hollywood (you can't do
    things they don't want), and urges computer users to organize, to
    support the [4]Public Knowledge and the [5]Digital Speech projects and
    to use their consumer power to block "Trusted Computing" in its
    0. mailto:atai arroba atai.org
    1. http://newsforge.com/newsforge/02/10/21/1449250.shtml?tid=19
    2. http://www.trustedcomputing.org/tcpaasp4/index.asp
    3. http://www.microsoft.com/mscorp/execmail/
    4. http://www.publicknowledge.org/
    5. http://www.digitalspeech.org/