[ANSOL-geral][Recortes] Open Source: A Case For E-Government

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Tue Oct 22 17:07:02 2002

Open Source: A Case For E-Government

    - By Robin "Roblimo" Miller - This was the official title of a
    conference I attended last week in Washington, D.C., where government
    officials and consultants from countries on every inhabited continent
    gathered to discuss how and why they are using more Linux and Open
    Source software. This article is an overview of the event. Later this
    week I'll report on conversations I had with Peruvian Congressman Edgar
    Villanueva, with several Linux ...

Danish Board of Technology: Public administration can save billions using
Open Source

    Posted at LWN.net: "Thursday October 10th 2002 the Danish Board of
    Technology released a report about the economic potential in using Open
    Source software in the public administration which showed a potential
    at 3.7 billions Danish Kroners (500 million EUR) over four years. The
    main suggestion in the report is using an open exchange format for text
    document within the public administration so the competition can be
    enhanced and lowering the ...