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Joćo Miguel Neves joao arroba silvaneves.org
Mon Oct 21 21:21:01 2002

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Danish Board of Technology: Public administration can save billions
using Open Source software

Um extrato sobre o projecto-piloto:

In Hanstholm municipality they had a pilot project since April which
showed that the don't have more problems using OpenOffice.org and
StarOffice instead of Microsoft Office as their office suite and each
user only needs one to one and half our of training to learn the new
office suite. The municipality will now use OpenOffice.org and
StarOffice on all workplaces (200 in all) and saves 300.000 Danish
Kroners (ca. 40.000 EUR) each year in license fees. They will still use
Microsoft Windows as
operating system.

						Jo=E3o Miguel Neves

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