[ANSOL-geral][Recortes] Copyrights/Patents are Public Domain?

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Sun Oct 20 20:53:01 2002

Copyrights/Patents are Public Domain?

    [0]x3 sent us a link to an article running on InfoWorld that talks
    intelligently about [1]intellectual property and the public domain. Its
    an extremely well written piece summing up what many readers of this
    site probably feel about the subject.
    0. mailto:slashdot arroba robertoldham.com
    1. http://www.infoworld.com/articles/op/xml/02/10/07/021007opcurve.xml

Red Hat won't tell you about a new patch!   ( esta é para rir :D )

    bi0s writes: "They won't tell you if you live in the USA anyway. No
    joke! The reason is the DMCA. This is getting out of control.
    Basically, anyone outside of the good old USA can see,read, and comment
    on the patch details. The home of the free however, is not allowed to
    see any details of the patch due to restrictions brought on by the
    DMCA. Read more."

Openwall GNU/*/Linux 1.0 (Release)

    Owl (Openwall GNU/*/Linux) is a security-enhanced server operating
    system with Linux and GNU software as its core. It includes a complete
    build environment capable of rebuilding the entire system from source,
    supports multiple architectures (x86, SPARC, and Alpha), and offers
    some compatibility for packages developed for other major Linux
    distributions. The primary approach to security is proactive source
    code review, but several other approaches are used as well.

 Testing Walmart's $200 PC

    Linux Advocate tells us about the story. "To [hit that price point],
    they turned to Linux, the free alternative OS developed cooperatively
    by programmers around the world. Specifically, they adopted Lindows, a
    Linux-based environment that's supposed to be simple enough for most
    consumers to use and even enjoy. For the past week I've been
    experimenting with one of these new machines, called the Microtel
    Sysmar710. In some ways, I'm impressed. For ...

Open Source Developer Pool at BerliOS

    At BerliOS, a project that supports Open Source, a developer pool
    emerged. A website called "DevCounter" has been created. DevCounter
    queries open source developers for their knowledge and experiences as
    well as their cooperation in open source projects. In addition,
    DevCounter allows precise searches for developers with a specific know
    how. You can search additional developers for your project, or simply
    someone who assist you on specific ...

Would you use open source software?

    "Still not convinced you're using open source software? Don't forget,
    open source doesn?t necessarily mean free-read this recent news from
    ZDNet Australia to see Microsoft's take on the movement: 'Ballmer:
    We'll outsmart open source.' When the big guys start to listen (and
    even agree in a limited fashion), it tells me that open source is
    prevalent enough to constitute a new competitive frontier."


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