[ANSOL-geral][recortes] Microsoft Targeting Indian Developers

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Tue Nov 12 17:49:01 2002

Microsoft Targeting Indian Developers

    Pranjal writes "An Indian Business magazine, [0]Business World is
    reporting that in it's war against Linux, Microsoft is taking the
    battle to the Indian developers. The logic is simple. India has 10% of
    the developer population of the world. If a significant number of these
    developers commit to work on MS platforms then the number of developers
    working on Linux platforms can decrease significantly and thus the
    number of applications. As Dilip Mistry, a director at Microsoft
    India's Bangalore office puts it, "This country can affect our
    (Microsoft's) destiny." [Quote From article] Local linux user groups
    are trying to counter this threat by targetting school and university
    students and increasing the awareness about development on a linux
    platform. Read the full story [1]here. [[2]Nice cover don't you
    0. http://www.businessworldindia.com/
    1. http://www.businessworldindia.com/cover.htm
    2. http://www.businessworldindia.com/c11nov02.jpg