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Tue Nov 5 19:53:01 2002

The Worst Coders In Washington

    [0]spooky writes "[1]The American Open Technology Consortium, 'a
    nonprofit organization of technologists who have joined together to
    educate lawmakers and regulators about technology ,- especially in
    regards to The Internet' has compiled a list of the lawmakers
    responsible for [2]eight bad internet laws. They say, 'These bad coders
    and their backers have done more damage to computing, the Internet and
    freedom than all the virus authors, spammers and crackers combined', Do
    you agree? Did they miss anyone?"
    0. http://www.suicidegirls.com
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    2. http://www.aotc.info/archives/000152.html#000152

Microsoft's New Hurdles

    gnuadam writes "The New York Times (free reg. required) is now running
    a [0] piece about how the recently accepted [1] settlement between
    Microsoft and the DOJ will affect the ever-so-loving relationship
    between them and the "worldwide community of volunteer programmers" who
    work on Linux and associated programs. Of interest, one interviewee
    quipped, "My prediction is that within three years time, Microsoft will
    `give away' its operating system to preserve its revenue in the
    applications business." Would Microsoft give away Windows to sell
    Office? Stay tuned." Update: 11/04 19:33 GMT by [2]T: In related news,
    an anonymous reader writes "In an [3]interview with Linux and Main Free
    Software Foundation General Counsel Eben Moglen reacts to Friday's U.S.
    v. Microsoft ruling and describes how it and 'trusted computing' will
    figure in formulating the next version of the GPL, expected in the next
    few months."
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