[ANSOL-geral]Red Hat regista patentes de software...

André Esteves aife arroba netvisao.pt
Sat May 25 15:16:02 2002

Pois é,

Isto vai ficar bonito...
Ainda bem que a Debian têm um sistema alternativo e independente de packages.

Como será que vai ficar o gnome?

Red Hat goes for software patents

Commerce, May 24 (Friday)

 Red Hat, it seems, has decided to get into the software patent business. A 
search of the appropriate databases turns up the following applications: 

Embedded Protocol Objects, mixture of static and dynamic responses to HTTP 
requests, as found in TUX. 
Method and apparatus for atomic file lookup, what appears to be a lookup 
optimization in the Linux dentry cache. Both of these techniques show Ingo 
Molnar as the inventor. "The embodiments of the present invention described 
are implemented in a computing platform based on the computer operating 
system commonly known as 'Linux' that is available as open source directly 
over the Internet. Linux is also available through various vendors who 
provide service and support for the Linux operating system. Among these 
vendors are Red Hat, Inc., of Research Triangle Park, N.C., the assignee of 
the present invention." (Seen originally (in Italian) on FreeGo). 

Um abraço,

André Esteves