[ANSOL-geral]How to "Open Source" Custom, Contract Software?

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Sat May 11 19:18:01 2002

How to "Open Source" Custom, Contract Software?

    customWorks asks: "I've been approached to write a piece of custom
    software for a small business owner with the promise of autonomy in its
    design and implementation. I do not intend to stick around for
    incremental development after I've delivered it, and so I feel strongly
    that open sourcing the software would be prudent for the both myself
    and prospective client. That said, I still expect to be paid for the
    developing the software. The issue of course is over convincing the
    client of the benefit of giving away the source to something they've
    just paid to have developed. I'd like to know if any of you who've done
    similar contract work have had experience (success?) in presenting an
    argument for open sourcing the end product? What were the major
    concerns/misperceptions that you had to overcome in making the case for
    open source?"


Esta discussão no SlashDot pode ser muito interessante de seguir/contribuir
para alguns de nós e por isso a passei para a lista.