[ANSOL-geral]opnião sobre uma licensa

Diogo Miguel Constantino dos Santos diogomcs arroba mail.pt
Thu Jun 27 01:19:02 2002

Olá a todos os membros desta lista!

Tava a falar com uns amigos num canal de irc e ouvi falar de uma 
biblioteca para C, chamada allegro. Fiquei curioso e fui procurar 
informação sobre a licensça. Achei isto:

 Allegro is a cross-platform library intended for use in computer games 
and other types of multimedia programming.
:Games Foundry
     * Development Status: 5 - Production/Stable
     * Environment: Console (Text Based), Win32 (MS Windows), X11 
     * Intended Audience: Developers
     * License: Other/Proprietary License

- http://www.talula.demon.co.uk/allegro/license.html


Allegro is gift-ware. It was created by a number of people working in 
cooperation, and is given to you freely as a gift. You may use, modify, 
redistribute, and generally hack it about in any way you like, and you 
do not have to give us anything in return.

However, if you like this product you are encouraged to thank us by 
making a return gift to the Allegro community. This could be by writing 
an add-on package, providing a useful bug report, making an improvement 
to the library, or perhaps just releasing the sources of your program so 
that other people can learn from them. If you redistribute parts of this 
code or make a game using it, it would be nice if you mentioned Allegro 
somewhere in the credits, but you are not required to do this. We trust 
you not to abuse our generosity.

By Shawn Hargreaves, 18 October 1998.

 A licensa ao permitir directamente a livre utilização, a livre 
modificação e a livre distribuição e ao não pedir nada em faz-me lembrar 
as licenças do estilo BSD. A licensa encoraja sem obrigutariedade a 
contribuição. No entanto o sourceforge diz que esta licença é 
 proprietária. Qual é a vossa opnião?

Fiquem bem!
 Diogo Santos