[ANSOL-geral]a forca dos lobis

Vasco Figueira figueira arroba europe.com
Mon Jul 15 19:34:02 2002


Lembram-se do Governo do Perú ter preferido software Livre em vez de um 
contrato com a MS?

Pois bem:


"The plenary session of the Congress of the Republic today approved the 
resolution that authorizes the trip of the President of the Republic, 
Alexander Toledo, to the city of Seattle in the United States between 
the 14 and the 16 of the present month 'with the intention of managing 
the support of the Microsoft Corporation, one of most important and 
developed of the world in computer science technology.'

"According to the official information coming from the Congress, [the 
President] will [seek] to establish contact with the [company headed by] 
tycoon Bill Gates, 'who has been interested in supporting the educative 
programs and social that carries out the Peruvian government.'"

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