[ANSOL-geral][recortes] The Copyright Fuss Revisited

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Wed Dec 4 20:20:01 2002

The Copyright Fuss Revisited
in SlashDot

    [0]mpawlo writes "I was going to clean up my apartement, but instead
    [1]I wrote a piece for Greplaw introducing a framework for the debate
    on how we should obtain a balance between users and authors where the
    author has good incentives to innovate, but where society at large is
    not too restricted due to the author's previous innovations. I am
    afraid that I personally have few practical solutions to introduce, but
    you might find my text useful as a quick introduction to what the
    copyright fuss is all about and why you should care." 
    0. http://www.pawlo.com/
    1. http://grep.law.harvard.edu/article.pl?sid=02/11/30/050236