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27 Dec 2001 12:41:02 -0500

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 Mais uma vez, a respeito da FOSDEM. Eis aqui +- boas noticias a
respeito do alojamento...

 No youth hostel mencionado abaixo, se formos pelo menos um grupo de 3 a
4 pessoas temos quarto e pequeno almoco a eur 12.64 cada, o que e
bastante razoavel, pouco mais de 2500$00 por noite.

 Falta viagem.


Hugs, rms

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Subject: Re: [Osdem]Cheap accomodation in Brussels
Date: 26 Dec 2001 21:50:44 +0100

On Wednesday 26 December 2001 21:51, you wrote:
> Though I'm very interested in FOSDEM, I'm much less interested in
> spending too much on sleeping. Average prices in hotels oscillate
> around 100 euro/night, which is OK but a bit too much for me anyway,
> especially if I want to stay longer. Youth Hostels linked from FOSDEM
> site don't display prices - does anyone know how much they ask for a
> night?

Here are the prices:

(from http://www.vjh.be/E/JHB/brussel.htm#pr )

single room and breakfast		eur 20.33
double room and breakfast		eur 14.87
3 - 4 pers. room and breakfast	eur 12.64
12 pers. room and breakfast	eur 10.66

Steven Wout
stevenwout arroba gmx.net

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