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Followup On Turku, Finland: City Approves Linux Pilot Program
Dec 20, 2001, 05 :55 UTC (1 Talkback[s]) (1051 reads)

Atte Tenkanen wrote in with this quick translation of an article in
Finnish [ http://www.turku.fi/suomi/turkuinfo/tieto39.html ] regarding
the City of Turku's consideration of Linux as a desktop platform (See
related stories):

Atte writes:
"The first investigation considering Linux and OpenOffice in Turku
government is ready. The city's Committee of Computer Operations
recommended move of office platforms to OpenOffice until the end of
2003, and a later change of existing Windows systems to Linux.

The first 200 Linux workstations will be introduced in Autumn, 2002 and
production of Linux workstations will begin in Winter, 2003 if the pilot
studies go well.

The next topic of investigation will be how Linux environments work in
the longer run and how widely it will be used in other local governments
in Finland and in other parts of Europe. The Ministry of Finance in
Finland is investigating the possibilities of a change to Linux, as
well. This investigation will be ready in March 2002."

Related link:

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