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Survey para todos os que colaboram com a Mozilla.

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Subject: 	[survey] Your contributions | due March 30, 2010
Date: 	Tue, 16 Mar 2010 13:15:19 -0500
From: 	Seth Bindernagel <sethb  mozilla.com>
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Hi Everyone,


Please fill out this survey (http://bit.ly/MozillaL10nCommunity) about
your contributions to the l10n community.  Due date is March 30, 2010.

==Background&  Intro==

A few weeks ago, some of you may have received an email from Pascal
Chevrel, asking you to describe to him a bit about your roles within
your l10n communities.  Because each community is different, we received
a lot of really interesting answers pointing to the unique role that our
localizers have at Mozilla.

In an effort to get a broader picture of the community contribution, but
also to add a bit more structure to all the stories we have received, I
constructed this form for you to fill out.  It's much less personal than
Pascal's emails, but it serves its purpose.


==Due Date==

Please complete it by March 30, 2010.

==Who should fill this out?==

If you contribute in *any* way to Mozilla, take a look at the survey and
fill it out if you like.  You don't have to be a locale leader to fill
this out.  It is meant for everyone.  Also, if you are not part of an
*official* localization, please still fill it out.  We just want to
learn more about who is in our community and who is doing what.  :)

==Optional question section==

You'll see a required section and an optional section.  Of course,
optional questions are not required, but we are asking those to get a
better understanding of you.  We'd like to be able to send you guys some
goodies every now and again and that requires info.  Fill it out if you
want.  We won't share that data with anyone.

Thanks everyone.

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